Saturday, June 6, 2015

Fast food


Fast food can be define as any food that contributes little or no nutrient value to the diet, but instead provides excess calories and fat. Nowadays, there are millions of fast food restaurants in the world that offers their customers plenty of different meals with a special price. Fast Food can be a good way to save time, but it's not the proper way for nutrition. Research found that eating fast food meals more than TWICE a week was associate with double the risk of abnormal glucose metabolism. Also, those products cause a great in weight and may cause HEART DECEASES. Burgers, French-fries, Soft drinks are just a few examples of junk food.


Fast food refer to any poor nutrition food that is easily prepared. Fast food may include Chips, Hot pies, Pasties, Sandwiches, Burgers, Pizzas, Kebabs, Chicken and Salads. It also includes drinks, for instance, Milkshakes and Soft drinks.

Junk food is a slang word for food with limited nutritional value. Every person has their own list of food that they call junk foods. I would include foods that are high in Salt, Sugar, Fat or Calories and Low nutrient content.

Rather than talking a radical  approach and banning all but the simplest foods, judge each food based on the list on ingredient and Nutrition Facts label found on packages. When reading the list of ingredients look for Sugar, fat or salt as one of the three ingredients. If any of these are listed that the high in the ingredients, you can probably consider that food to be too high in Sugar , Fat or Salt.

A look a the nutritional information on the label will list the number of calories per serving , grams of fat, Sodium, Cholesterol and sugar content. This nutritional information will make you more knowledge in selecting foods to reduce your nutritional health risk.

Calories content of 300 calories per serving or less in consider to be all right, except whole meals unless you are following a weight loss diet. Be cautious though as to how large a serving size is. If 4 ounces of Yogurt is a serving size and you eat an eight-ounces container, you have double the calories content. Sometimes, the package serving size is not how little you serve yourself.  

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