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Game Of Thrones Season 5

Game of Thrones is always one of the biggest shows to premiere during the TV season, but now that it's here, we are happy to report that anything and everything that will be going on moving forward. Here's our handy guide to everything we know about Game of Thrones Season 5, including details about the cast, information about the episodes, when the show airs and more. Here's what we know aboutGame of Thrones' big Season 5 premiere. 

Please keep in mind that this article features plenty of spoilers from the latest episodes; if you aren't caught up on the series, please head out now and read one of our other wonderful articles! 

What happened in the most recent episode?

In "Hardhome," some characters came together while others were ripped apart. The first half of the episode dropped in on a filthy Cersei in King's Landing, saw Arya taking on a second personality as the oyster cart-lugging orphan Lana, and found Sansa trying to spin Reek's psychological profile back to Theon . As well, viewers got to watch just how successfully the dynamic between Tyrion and Dany is working, as he takes on the role of her advisor. 

But the second half of the episode is where the terrifying action happened, as Jon Snow & Co. face off against a seemingly never-ending army of White Walkers. How do you kill something that only seems to get stronger with death? Without any trusty dragonglass, Jon Snow discovers that Valyrian steel does the trick. But it's clearly going to take more than that in the future. If you'd like to check out our full, in-depth Episode 8 reaction, head here

What Happened During Episode 1?

Episode 1, “The Wars to Come” kicked off with Cersei and Jaime mourning their father and squabbling more like siblings than lovers. Pod and Brienne are still journeying, and at the Wall, Jon Snow has to play a part in Mance Rayder’s fate when Stannis asks him to bend the knee. In the meantime, Littlefinger and Sansa are more in cahoots than ever. Across the sea, Tyrion and Varys finally reach land, and the latter convinces the former to head to Meereen to join Daenary’s entourage. In Meereen, the townsfolk want to reopen the fighting pits, to Dany’s disapproval. 

What Happened During Episode 2?

“The House of Black and White,” features Arya attempting to gain entry into the titular Braavos community, and after sitting outside for what seems like days, she runs off to kill a pigeon for food. Eventually, however, her former pal Jaqen H’gar reveals himself to her. 

Elsewhere, Brienne and Pod are almost successful at regaining control of Sansa. Unfortunately, she seems pretty cool with chilling with Littlefinger, who obviously doesn’t want to let his prize go. Brienne needs to just cool it with the whole vow thing and move on, now that both Stark girls have rebuffed her. 

In Meereen, Danny is still dealing with problems related to the Sons of the Harpy. More excitingly, however, Drogon shows up! While this is going on, far away at the wall Maester Aemon casts the deciding vote to make Jon Snow the leader of the Night’s Watch. Being a leader ain’t easy. 

What Happened During Episode 3?

Episode 3, "High Sparrow," features a ton of curveballs. Namely, Littlefinger revealshis plan to Sansa to marry her off to Ramsay Bolten, the former bastard of Roose Bolten. Sansa reluctantly agrees to the match after a rousing speech from Littlefinger, but she doesn't know Ramsay is more of a monster than Joffrey. Meanwhile, Brienne and Pod are still looking for ways to extricate her from Littlefinger's clutches. 

Further north, Jon Snow is still dealing with some unrest on the wall. He briefly takes some lip from dissenter Janos Slynt, but pulls a trick from his dad Ned Stark's book by beheading him. Stannis seems to respect the kid and his decisions, but for now, the Night's Watch will remain on the Wall. 

Meanwhile, the religious faction known as the Sparrows is causing some havoc in King's Landing. Cersei's sort of engaged with the religious group, but she has bigger fish on her mind. During the episode, Tommen officially weds Margaery and the Tyrell woman now has more power as the queen. Bitchy conversations between the two women ensue. It's great. 

What Happened During Episode 4?

A lot happened in Episode 4 of Game of Thrones," titled "The Sons of the Harpy. Obviously, a lot of the focus of the episode surrounded the unrest in Meereen, although we did get a quiet moment between Ser Barristan and Dany when he told her a story about Rhaegar Targaryan. The rest of the episode hopped locations without mercy. In Dorne, the Sand Snakes and their mother plotted to take down the already-weakened Lannisters just as Jaime and Bronn came ashore. 

In the North, Jon Snow rebuffed the affections of Melisandre while Sansa contemplated her own marriage to Ramsay Bolten. Poor Tommen had his own share of relationship troubles, getting caught between his conniving mother and equally opportunistic wife. Of course, the biggest moment occurred toward the end of the episode, when the unsullied were forced to take on a slew of Sons of the Harpy in closed quarters. Grey Worm was left wounded, and in a tragic moment, Ser Barristan was stabbed and killed. 

What Happened During Episode 5?

The Meereen-centric episode finally allowed Dany to step out of Ser Barristan's shadow and into the light as a ruler. Dany made some impulsive decisions and later some calculated ones as she took on the heads of the households that were responsible for the Sons of the Harpy killings. Yes, there were dragons, but then there was also an unexpected marriage order from Daenerys to Hizdahr zo Loraq. While Dany was busy coming into her own, Tyrion and Jorah continued to travel near her, running unexpectedly into some rabid men suffering from grayscale along the way. If you think the dragons are terrifying, the grayscale is even more frightening, as it turns sane men into monsters. 

In the North, Sansa found Theon and learned more about Ramsay's particular temperament, while Jon Snow made some more enemies. As a leader, Jon decided to ask the Wildlings to bend the knee and take over the land in direct proximity to the Wall. It was an intriguing episod.

What Happened During Episode 6?

In King's Landing, Cersei is playing with fire as she tries to take on the Tyrells. I don't know about you, but it seems to be an ill-advised path. Elsewhere, others are making bids for power; in the North the Boltens are about to have a big fight with Stannis Baratheon, and Littlefinger seems determined to be there to pick up the pieces. Unfortunately, Sansa is caught in the middle and she agrees to marry Ramsay Bolten, only to have her new husband force Theon to watch as they have sex. 

We don't get anything from Dany this week, but Jaime and Bronn are nearly successful at grabbing Myrcella. They manage to keep her from the Sand Snakes, but then everyone gets caught. Poor Tyrion and Jorah aren't doing so hot, either, as they get picked up by pirates partway through the episode. 

Most excitingly, however, Arya proves she can be an asset in the House of Black and White and is moving onto a pretty incredible path. 

What Happened During Episode 7?

During Episode 7, "The Gift," Jorah and Tyrion finally came face to face with Dany in Meereen. Elsewhere, Myrcella fought for her right to stay in Dorne and Sansa tried to make a bold escape from Winterfell, with unintended consequences. 

Most startlingly, the High Sparrow continued his bid for power. Following shackling the Tyrells, he had cousin Lancel confess his sins with Cersei. The queen mother was thrown in jail as well, making threats as the Sparrows closed the door on her.

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