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Just like a cherry red lipstick screams “classic” and an orange shade says “playful,” the way you usually wear your eyeliner speaks volumes. Whether you’re a cat-eye diehard or a tightline addict, follow our guide to find out what message your signature eye makeup is sending out into the world.


What it says about you: This no-liner look is the Invisalign of eye makeup—it’s virtually unnoticeable, but makes a huge difference in shaping your eyes and emphasizing your lashes. It’s no surprise, then, that you make everything look easy (landing promotions, planning getaways) by putting in hard work behind-the-scenes.


What it says about you: Even if you’re dressed in head-to-toe black, a dramatic cat-eye says, “I may look serious, but I like to have fun too.” The perfect liner flick takes some major skill, so you generally pay close attention to detail (you still have impeccable handwriting) and only post expertly composed Instagrams.


What it says about you: No shade is too bright (lime green! turquoise!) or off limits. You’re a starter of dance parties and the first one to kick off karaoke with “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” And you switch out your hair color (platinum today, pink tomorrow) almost as often as you do the shade on your lids.


What it says about you: Candlelit dinners, rosé, and Drake—these are a few of your favorite things. Drawn to the romantic allure of the smoky eye, you're prone to falling hard and fast, whether it's for a new guy or a leather clutch, and you're not afraid to flirt.


What it says about you: With this subtle alternative to the winged look, every day is #ThrowbackThursday. You often find yourself buried in Mad Men marathons, Audrey Hepburn Pinterest boards, and DIY projects. A multitasker at heart, you also know the value of using liner that doubles as shadow.


What it says about you: A little bit biker chic, a little bit David Bowie, this wild liner look is not for the faint of heart—which is exactly why you wear it with a cut-out dress and sky-high boots. Your philosophy? Beauty rules were made to be broken.

Water lined

What it says about you: One part messy, one part sexy, an all-over-waterline is the equivalent of wearing a boyfriend tee with a sleek leather jacket. The leader of your social pack, you wear a swipe of kohl along your lower lash line to look just polished enough to make your regular appearance at art openings, dinner parties, and late night drinks.


What it says about you: When the herd goes left, those who wear gold and copper liner hang a right. You’re a creative type who gets bored easily—especially by the color black—and you're unafraid to rock a silver skirt (it's a neutral!) or buy tickets to see a band you’ve never heard before.

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