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10 Tips On How To Start Believe In Yourself Again

We all experience setbacks and disappointments in life and that can really knock all the self-confidence out of you. Some people seem able to soldier on in the face of adversity, while others take things to heart and begin to give up, but we are all capable of rebuilding our self-confidence and learning to believe in ourselves again, if we know how to do it. It’s a proven fact that the people who succeed in life are the people who believe in themselves, so read these ten tips on how you can start to believe in yourself again.

1. Understand that you can learn to believe in yourself again

Your self-confidence and your self-belief are not something that cannot be changed. It is only natural that, after you take a tumble, you become more cautious and are hesitant about taking any more risks. Remember, though, that it is only you that holds onto this lack of belief in yourself, and you can change that, bit by bit, and regain your own self-belief.

2. Talk yourself back into self-belief

To regain your ‘can-do’ attitude, start by telling yourself that you can do it. Our brains can be programmed by what we tell it and, if you tell yourself enough times that you do believe in yourself, your brain will catch on quick and start to believe what you are telling it.

3. Accept where you are at now

Another tip on how to believe in yourself again is simple: before you can move forward in life, you need to accept where you are at the moment. If you have recently experienced a breakdown in a relationship, a financial disaster, or even bereavement, then you have to come to terms with where your life is right now, before you can start to build your new life. Otherwise you will use up all your energy trying to change the unchangeable, and you won’t have the time to rebuild your self-belief.

4. Make two lists

You will need to stop the negative thoughts about yourself going through your head and replace them with some positive action. So our next tip on how to believe in yourself again is to start by making a list of the things that you have achieved in your life and the problems that you have faced and overcome. Now that you are feeling a bit more positive, make a second list of what you want to achieve now, and how you are going to do it. Seeing the two lists in front of you, in black and white, will remind you of what you are capable and of where you are going next.

5. Forgive yourself

How to believe in yourself again? Forgive yourself! We all make mistakes in life, so stop beating yourself up about yours. You can’t change the past, so there is no point dwelling in it. Instead, forgive yourself for whatever has happened and begin to focus on the future.

6. Take on new challenges

Take on new challenges and you can prove to yourself how much you can achieve. How you are feeling today has been defined by past events and by other people, so give yourself some new experiences, so that you can redefine how you think about yourself. Just a few quick wins and you could be well on your way to believing in yourself again.

7. Don’t let setbacks put you off trying

As you begin to rebuild your self-confidence, there will be setbacks along the way. So another tip on how to believe in yourself again is not to let one or two little hiccups make you think that everything is going wrong, and don’t let them make you quit trying. Self-confidence isn’t built overnight, so give it time and it will come.

8. Set yourself achievable, short term goals

A sure way to dent your self-belief is to set yourself unrealistic targets. You might know where you want to get to in the long run, but set yourself the target of achieving the small steps that will take you to that final goal. That way, you will have many wins to celebrate along the way, and that will help you re-build your self-confidence.

9. Stop comparing yourself to other people

Next important tip on how to believe in yourself again is to stop comparing yourself to other people. The only person that has the right to judge you is you, so stop trying to be someone else. There will already be someone who has a better car than you, more money than you and better wardrobe than you can afford. The only thing that really counts is your own personal goals, not trying to keep up with someone else.

10. Keep moving forward at your own pace

Martin Luther King said: “If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” Sometimes life just keeps on rolling and you have no control over it at all. The best thing to do is, is to do your best and, so long as you are doing that, you can believe in yourself. Your best is good enough!

How to build self confidence? How to believe in yourself again?

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