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15 Best Aerobic Workouts at Home for Belly Fat

Lose Weight, Burn Calories, Lose Belly Fat , Flat Stomach  – These are certain facts that always come to our mind when we start an exercise routine to stay healthy.  Studies have shown that nowadays aerobics have come to the forefront as the best exercise regime that one can opt for if he or she really wants to lose belly fat. Aerobic exercises are great to burn belly fat and weight loss. These aerobic work outs also reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases by improving blood circulation.

How can you lose belly fat with aerobics?

Belly fat is abdominal obesity. When your body accumulates fat, a certain amount of fat is deposited in your abdomen area, thereby leading to a swelling waist size, and consequently, you can no longer wear your favorite figure hugging dresses or you need to buy larger-size pants. Also there is a proven connection between the accumulation of belly fat and cardiovascular disease. So belly fat is a dangerous sign which you need to prevent to keep yourself heart healthy.

Now the question is how can you lose belly fat with aerobics?  A recent health study has shown that aerobic exercise is the best way to burn belly fat.  The results showed that people who did aerobic exercise regularly for a period of 6 to 8 months lost about 2.5 inches of belly fat, which was about 1.5 times more than those involved in other exercises.

15 Best Aerobic Workouts at Home for Belly Fat

Stay at home. You don’t need to go to the gym. At the comfort of your home, try these simple aerobic exercises and see the results. 100% guaranteed – you will lose weight and get a flat stomach. But, yes, do these regularly and religiously.

1.Circuit Training:Circuit training is basically an aerobic exercise combined with resistance training and it results a high intensity workout. These aerobic exercises need to be performed, in a circuit, that is, one after the other.  And there should be minimal rest in-between. Circuit training involves both aerobic and non-aerobic exercises. You can create your very own routine. 

2.Stair Exercises:Stair training will boost your cardiovascular stamina. It will tone down your lower body.  Walk up and down a flight of stairs for 15-20 minutes. You can increase it later to 30 minutes. This is a great warm-up exercise. Just see that you maintain a steady pace. 

3.Skipping:This is a high-intensity aerobic workout. While skipping, your shoulders, bottom, thighs and calves are targeted. Do high energy skipping and burn calories. It is said that skipping can burn up to 450 calories in 45 minutes.

4 .Kickboxing:This is another simple aerobic exercise that burns 863 calories in 1 hour.  It has been a great cardio workout.  Kickboxing helps in burning fat from your waist and thighs. 

5.Core Power Yoga:Core power yoga strengthens your abdomen and back besides helping in weight loss. It can also tone your muscles and can strengthen the hip and pelvis. While doing core power yoga, you improve strength, stamina, concentration and also reduce stress. 

6.Squats:if you really want to lose belly fat, add squats to your daily exercise routine. Squats are a full body workout. 

7.Squat Jumps:You can also burn belly fat, increase your heart rate with squat jumps. This is a high intensity work out. Avoid it if you experience pain. 

8.Hula Hoop:Get a hula hoop. Try various variations using the hoop. This childhood game can be one of your favorite aerobic exercises to reduce belly fat, working on your waist and bumps. 

9.Burpees: What about burpees? Exercise your muscles from arm to legs with burpees. This is a full body exercise. You can strengthen your muscles and lose belly fat by doing burpees. 

10.Jogging in Place:This is another popular aerobic exercise which increases your heart rate and improves your metabolism. Do jogging in place and induce fat burning. 

11.Jumping Jacks:What about jumping jacks? One of the simplest aerobic exercises which you can do anywhere at home. It is a great warm-up exercise and great for cardiovascular training. You sweat a lot while doing this exercise. And in turn you also lose belly fat. 

12.Bear Crawls:Be in a plank position with your arms and legs on the floor and extended. Keep your body flat. Now move or crawl forward fast.  Put enough weight on your arms. Remember, your arms are doing more work compared to your legs.  Keep crawling for 45-60 seconds.  You can turn around and crawl back if there is lack of space. 

13.Boxing:Boxing is a full body aerobic workout. It is great for weight loss and increases your heart rate. Instead of a treadmill, try boxing. This form of workout activates the whole body and makes you lose weight. 

14.Dancing:Whether it is zumba or belly dancing, bhangra or bollywood dancing, choose any form of dance. Dancing is great fitness exercise that can tone your body, can make your body flexible and also help in weight loss with a flat belly. 

15.Tap Backs:Put your both arms forward or on your waist. Step your right leg back. Repeat with the left leg in a rhythmic motion and it should be continuous. Your face, hips and shoulders should face forward. Keep your knees soft. This exercise tones your thighs, strengthen your abdomen muscles and help in losing belly fat. 

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