Wednesday, July 22, 2015

As Apple announces its 22nd Australian store, here are 10 things you probably don’t know about them

THE people of Sutherland Shire like to boast that their part of Sydney is just about the most perfect place to live. Now, at least for Apple fans, you can drop that qualifier “almost”.

Apple will announce today that it is opening its 22nd store in Australia.

After a few months of rumours, the Apple Store at Westfield Miranda will open at 10am on Saturday to the sound of employees clapping wildly and Apple fanboys squealing with glee.
To mark the occasion, here are 10 facts about Apple Stores:

1. Apple stores get more than 1 million visitors a day. No, they’re not all in the store you want to visit on a weekend but it can feel like that.

2. Apple says every Apple Store is powered by renewable energy. They have not commented whether that energy is produced by the enthusiastic reaction of Apple Store staff at every purchase.

3. Bondi is the only Apple store in the world to contain trees. It also, frequently, contains hipsters.

4. The first Apple Store and Genius Bar opened at 10am on 19 May, 2001 at Tysons Corner,Virginia. The second Apple Store and Genius bar opened three hours later at Glendale Galleria,California.

5. More than 345,000 customers visit an Australian Apple Store every week.

6. Australia’s first Apple Store opened on George St,Sydney, on 19 June, 2008. Since then more than 14 million customers have walked through its doors.

7. There are now 457 Apple Stores in 15 countries.

8. As part of Apple’s focus on the Chinese market, at the start of this year it opened five new Apple Stores in China in a five week period.

9. While your local Apple Store might seem to be overflowing with shiny new Apple gadgets, more than half of an average Apple Store is given over to education and support space.

10. When the flagship Australian store opened in George St, Sydney, it had the longest Genius Bar in the world. If you laid the Australian Genius Bars end to end, they would cover the length of more than three Olympic-sized pools. Fortunately, Apple hasn’t done that because nobody wants to meet a genius underwater.

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