Monday, July 20, 2015

How to keep a man happy: New research suggest women shouldn't get a job or have kids

LADIES, if you’re thinking of keeping a man happy, maybe reconsider university or even a job.
And don’t have kids.

That’s if the findings of a new survey are to be accepted.The comprehensive Household Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia report, released today, has found surprising factors make for relationship bliss.

It discovered men are less satisfied if their female partners hold university or post-school qualification, or are employed. Kids also contributed to unhappy marriages.
The report’s author, Associate Professor Roger Wilkins, said that could be because children were often the source of tension in relationships.

“(It’s about) you know, who’s going to do the child care and so forth,” he told ABC radio today.
Those in de facto relationships are more happy with their partners than married couples because they’re less likely to have children.

The survey also found women who were more adventurous and open to experiences decreased men’s satisfaction.

And the longer you’re in a relationship, the unhappier you are. However, while men may have certain preferences for their ideal partner, they’re generally more satisfied with their partners than women are.

The survey also provides a revealing snapshot of what makes most couples tick.
If you don’t smoke but your partner does, you’re more likely to be unhappy in your relationship, but differences in drinking behaviour don’t matter as much.

Financial struggles also contributed to poor relationships.

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