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Pregnancy skin care tips: Let not hormones hamper

A woman encounters numerous hormonal changes in her body during pregnancy. These transitions often result into a fair and glowing charm on the face of some women, while for few it brings woes like dullness, pimples, pigmentation etc,.

But one needs not to panic under such situations as these problems vanish with due course of time and can be still made less prominent with few home remedies. Renowned Aesthetician & Cosmetologist and Founder-Director of Alps Beauty Clinics, Ms Bharti Taneja shares skin-care tips for different skin problems, along with do’s and don’ts for the expecting women.

Pigmentation & blemishes: Rubbing a slice of raw papaya all over your face helps removing pigmentation up to a great extent on regular usage. Papaya contains a skin cleansing enzyme called papain that has skin-smoothening properties that eventually helps overcome blemishes.

Acne: For waving off you pimple woes, use the following face-pack. Make powder using some dried neem leaves and add half spoon of calamine powder, sandalwood powder along with rose water to turn it into a paste. Apply it daily all over the face to diminish as well as prevent the occurrence of zits.

Stretch-marks: Stretch-marks are also a common after-pregnancy issue that is encountered by women especially over their bellies. You can use a molten chocolate paste – apply it all the while during pregnancy to prevent these marks from occurring. One can also apply vitamin E oil or coconut oil to serve your purpose. Make sure to be regular to encounter faster effects.

DOS’ and DON’TS:

Eat well: Body needs its due nourishment during the pregnancy period, which should be fulfilled by consuming a wholesome yet balanced diet. Include dairy products, legumes, pulses, sprouted beans, green-coloured veggies, salad to suffice for your and your baby’s dietary requirements. Also, if your gynecologist has advised few extra nutritional supplement doses for you, do not miss it and take it as per the prescription.

Don’t avoid monthly salon sessions: While some women ignore their beauty aspects totally and go for “hibernation” during their pregnancy months so much so that they even ignore their overgrown, bushy eyebrows and miss their threading sessions. This should not be the case as one should treat this phase as normal one and continue their grooming appointments in a professional salon to continue being the apple of his eye.

Add on your charm with regular manicures, pedicures, threading, waxing, facials procedures at any expert salon. For this choose a salon that offers special care, pampering and schemes for expecting ladies. ALPS Beauty Clinics is one such salon in Delhi that offers specialized services for expecting women.

Go for a little makeup: As the women who are expecting automatically get blessed with a baby-like skin, they do not need a whole lot of makeup on their faces. A little bit of playing with colours is still recommended while enhancing their best features to bring out the best of their beauty. So, a tint of kohl and a sheen-filled gloss is all you require to shine like a diva during your days.

Be happy: Last but not the least, avoid depression. Motherhood is an incredible feeling and to enjoy the emotion to its utmost extent you need to stay happy by heart and take pleasure in every moment as your delight will make you appear healthy and hale always! 

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