Sunday, July 19, 2015

This Is What HAPPENS When You MASSAGE Your Feet Before You Go To Bed?

The   self massage is one of the techniques with many healing benefits. The doctors have already pointed to the importance of the self-massage and the massage to our health!

The numerous positive effects:
The massage reduces the subcutaneous fats,improves the blood circulation,boosts the metabolism,stimulates  the secretion of the sweat glands and sebaceous, , increases the oxygenation of the tissues and the swelling lymph, accelerates the flow of the nutrients to the tissues, makes the skin more elastic, healthier and stronger.

Plus, the massage improves and stimulates digestion and it’s quite helpful as a supplement, but also as a treatment method for certain health problems and conditions.It’s already well known that the massaging and the pressing of a certain part of the foot can treat some diseases of your organs, and it also reduces the pain!

You should massage your feet every time before you go to bed and it’s highly recommended for you  to include it in your daily routine. The duration of the massage should be at least ten-fifteen minutes.

If you already struggle with certain disease, you should look at the picture above, and press the place of the specified organ or you can simply massage your entire foot to improve your entire organism.

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