Monday, July 20, 2015

What do your nails tell about your health

New Delhi: Do you yearn for long, healthy and strong nails? Regular maintenance of nails is very necessary to keep your nails in good shape. Constant use of nail paints can actually harm your nails. It is very necessary to cut them on regular basis and keep them clean. Nails can probably provide a glimpse of your overall health.

Here are a few fingernails problem that you should watch out for and not ignore in order to keep your nails healthy:

Red/itchy skin: If one notices red or itchy skin near the nails, it is a sign of nail infection. One can go for either oral medication as prescribed by the doctor or use anti-fungal cream or powder.

Pale yellow nails: Yellow nail syndrome or having pale yellow nails point to respiratory disease, such as chronic bronchitis. It also points out to the fact that you might be suffering from anemia, a rare blood disorder.

Dark nails: Never overlook your nails if their colour is turning dark as it may be a sign of dangerous melanoma.

Pitting and grooving of nails: Small cracks and depressions appearing on your nails are often associated with psoriasis, which is an inflammatory disease that leads to red patches all over the skin.

White lines: Appearance of white stripes on your nails are called Muehrcke’s lines. These could be an indication of kidney disease and even calcium deficiency.

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