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What Need to Know About Press-Up

One of the usually test for men’s stronge are the press-up.This is simple effective exercise which is synonym about spirit,discipline,friendly wager…

Its hard to have some definition,but definetly its began in a army,as a part of phisycally and education,in a lots of sports especially in a days when the coach is nervous.
They don’t need additional equipment,can make everywhere  include high muscule group.

The anatomy of press-up
Press-up are exercises which engaged the muscules of breast and  triceps,frontage of muscules of shoulders and muscules between groin.At the time of press-up bigger group of muscule of body and arm are additional as a stabilizer,makind right form of them.
This mean also for exercise which make stronger stomach muscule.

Give effect to press-up
Many people will tell you how must to put up your hand when make press-up,an cannot make a mistake.Different way of an arm can be additional on wrong way the active muscules.
The most important of addition of press-up must put up right the shoulders,backside  and legs,,putting down even if you are on some centimeters uo to the floor.

Press-up variety :

Press-up for breast
How make the bigger eachother the range of arms it is more additional breast muscle.If you want to add the press-up hard on your whole upside part of breast,put up your legs on a chair or bed.

Press-up for arms
The lower reclining addition more arms then triceps,Shampion press-up are made on a  way that thumb and trigger finger forms triangle.

Press-up for shoulders
Turn the arm on way that your fingers will be outside at the angle bigger of 90 degrees in a position of body.But,if you really want to add muscule of shoulders try to make press-up even you “stay”on hand put on a wall.

Press-up for stomach muscules
The so-called Spidermen press-up which make hard the act with one leg of floor and to bend one knees of body.This type additional frontage and sideways muscule.Change the legs.

Press-up for explosive
If you want to develop power for arms which is important in a sports of boxing,flipping,its simple make with handle.In a time of picking up of the floor hardly turn on in a air and handle,after repeat all that.

Press-up “rockie”
When Rockie make a press-up of one hand ina movies.For this exercise need power and experience.If usually press-up are boring,start with press-up on one hand,widespread legs for stability.
When this press-up will enough ,try with Rockie press-up on one hand.
Conditional press-up
If you are not enough strong to make a series of ten press-up with a pause make combination of press-up and running.This make better the air capability.

From staying position put down,with hands touch the ground and put down and make a prèss-up.Stay and make the same thing.Make a series of 10 to 20 repeat,with pause of 1-2 minutes.

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