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Why you Should ride a bicycle?

For this vehicle on two wheels its known as dictum-Never forget driving bike.
Apart from indicate a great cardio practice for your body,flaming calories and will take up fast to the wishful destination,driving bike is a real funny activity which will complete your luck.Hot summer days are ideal for this type of party activity,which equally can practice single as good as in company.
Serially read more additional reason why is wishful to get up your bike from your garage and start to use often.

1.Flaming calories and activating your legs
Driving a bike is  great way to drop to consume a lots of calories without extremely physical strive.Your weight,opposition on which is set the bike,the speed which you rotate the treadle, as a longway which you choose for drive,affect on the number of flaming calories with driving.
Example:One hour leisurely driving bike ,a men with 55 kilograms is flaming about 220 calories.
At the same time its activating your legs and hip-bone,with right sitting ona bike also activating stomach muscules.It is make stronger your back,while standing of a sits and rotation of a treadle,will succeed on easy way to form your backside.

2.Stress free
Daily concerns and problems can be exhausting for you and will increase the level of stress.Your mind and body feel that.Do some favour,bring out the bike and start to drive,because it is therapeutic.Going in a nature on a clear air will feel instantly facilitation and make better your state.
How more you enjoy in a physically activity than fast will free the stress.Rotation of a treadle will affect as a meditation.Wholly concentrate on a truly and energizing rotation,and blocked all negative thoutghs.The bike is really magic rubber erase the stress and fuss.

3.Control the apetite
Researching of University of Surey shows driving bike can help in a control of apetite.With this physically activity will decrease the apetite.Naimely,the people who take part in this research had a meal together,after they part in two group.During the one stay to rest,the others drive a bike.Its confirm that only 60 minutes driving a bike,activate the hrmons which decrease the sense of hunger,which bring about for substantislly consummation food.

4.Increase energy and sense of luck
Only 30 minutes driving  a bike,daily need to increase the energy,without additional stimulance as a big quantity of coffee.It is misunderstanding if you believe that physically  activity will overtire or exhaust .
In fact,it will stimulate you,and brign a lots of energy and can finished daily routines.
As every other activity,driving a bike complete your sense for pleasure.Absolve of”lucky hormones” serotonin and dopamine,bring about to be lucky and motivated.

5.Protect the heart

Its proved that driving a bike decrease the risk of cardiovasculiar desease.This funny activity will look after you to decrease the risk of different type desease,as a complication with heart,dhiabetes type 2 or cancer.Its stabilizing blood-preasure and decrease the chance for heart-attack.
Driving bike indicate complete exercise for your heart ,blood and lungs.

6.Protect the wrists
Driving bike is cardiovasculiar activity which allow a little strain for wrists,in a difference for physically activity as an aerobic or running.The chance for injury are minimum,whereas usually walking more activate the knees.According as you have a problem with knees,don’t suspect that driving a bike is right decision for you.

7.Better and superior sleep(dream)
Driving bike accommodate with energy in a day but whole it guarantee that will sleep as a baby in all night.superior dream is one of the most important keys for rested body and mind,fresh look and free of your surplus kilograms.The eperts,advice to be careful when drive a bike exactly to avoid 4 hours before sleeping.

8.Increase concentration and stimulate work of brain
Morning “nebulosity” of your mind after wake-up can  be easy  to brighten with driving a bike couple of hours .Rotation of treadle making better circulation of a blood,from legs to the brain,with affect to the work of brain and concentration.
During drive carefree,get a chance to make better your thoughts and stopped”blocking”of a brain.

9.For younger look
Driving a bike will be simple to feel younger,not only spiritual but also the body and face.
As the other physically activity,that everyday driving a bike will allow shiny and tight skin,as a attractive line of a body.the fact which will really enjoy even you drive a bike will caused honest smile on your face.

10.Make better sexual  life
Making a body in a top from with help of bike,do  not allow just to feel sexy,also balanced the level of so-called se-hormons in a body.
If the bigger part of researching indicate that physically activity is in direct connection with endorphin,anyway its affecting to sex-hormons as a testosterone.The women which are in good physically form put back the menopause.”What’s good for your heart,also its good for your sexual life”.

11.Great social and family activity
One of the best thing in driving bike is fact what can practice by yourself,but also in a company with your family.
Cycling is great social activity which will allow quality and funny friendship or with family membership.
The best of everything it is –gratis.Don’t involved the money to use your free time for fun.This is sport in which can enjoy all family.

12.Protect the shepre

Change your car with bike always when you have an opportunity.Be example for your community with consuming this alternative vehicle.Will make favour on your environment which will bring to decrease the air pollution.Among other things will save time and money to the transport of one to the other location,avoid the traffic jam.

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