Monday, July 20, 2015

Winter tips: Three healthy ways to avoid cold, flu

Worried about suffering from sore throat, fever and runny nose during the winter months? Relax, here are three best tips to avoid cold and flu this season:

Keep your hands clean: Washing your hands frequently using a soap will protect you from germs. Make sure that you wash your hands every time you touch someone's hands or sneeze or cough.
Repeat the same after using the restroom.

Eat healthy food: Eat a nutritious diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. This will keep your immune system strong as well as prevent the onset of cold and flu.

Regular cleaning: You should clean your house (bathrooms, bedrooms, furnitures, etc), including your phones regularly to avoid flu.

Your phones need to be cleaned every other day using a damp, slightly soapy rag. Since everybody uses phones, it can have the most amount of grems.

Practice other good habits such as sleeping for good number of hours (eight hours), staying physically active, managing your stress and drinking plenty of fluids to stay fit during the cold months.Winter tips: Three healthy ways to avoid cold, flu

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