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Home Remedies To Easily Solve Your Piles Problem

What Is Piles?

Piles are nothing but painful and enlarged veins that you find in your rectum. It is also known as hemorrhoids and is a medical condition in which the veins around the lower rectum or anus gets enlarged and inflamed than normal. Piles are both internal as well as external. The internal 

hemorrhoids cannot be seen or felt unless they are severe. External hemorrhoids can be seen outside of the anus. It is an uncomfortable and unpleasing medical condition. But, it is not a serious medical condition and arises due to increased pressure of the external and internal veins around the rectum canal. The causes of plies are: low fiber diet, ageing, hereditary and pregnancy as well as severe constipation.There are a lot of home remedies that can prevent piles.

Home Remedies To Cure Piles / Hemorrhoids

1 Black Cumin Seeds

This is a common piles remedy which practiced in India.

•  Take 1 table spoon of roasted black cumin seeds and mix it with1 tablespoon of unroasted black cumin.

• Powder them together and take ½ tsp of this powder with one glass of water every day

2 Shallots

This is another effective remedy for piles.

• Peel 20-25 shallots cut into smaller pieces.
• Fry this in butter or oil and consume it every day.

3 Radish Juice

This remedy will reduce the swelling and pain associated with piles.

•  Take the radish juice in the morning and at night
• Start with ¼ cup and gradually increase to ½ cup over a period of one month.
• Continue the remedy till there is relief from piles.

4 Banana

The banana has fiber in it and acts as a laxative. It helps to improve the bowel movements, so that you don’t have to strain when you are in the toilet. When your bowel movements are proper the problem will get reduced.

•  Boil 1 banana with 1 cup of milk.
• Mash well and take this mix three to four times a day

5 Leaves Of Bitter Gourd

Bitter gourd leaves have medicinal value. This will help to reduce the pain and swelling.

• Crush the leaves of bitter gourd and extract the juice.
• Mix three teaspoons of this juice with one glass of buttermilk
• Drink this mixture on empty stomach, daily morning for at least one month.

6 Egg Of Duck

This is a highly helpful and easy to follow home remedy for piles.

• Boil 2-3 eggs of duck
• Eat only the white portion
• Continue this remedy till you find changes in piles condition.

7 Lemon Juice

Though this remedy will cause some discomfort and burning sensation it is very effective in reducing the pain caused by hemorrhoids.

• Take some freshly squeezed lemon juice.
• Soak a clean cotton ball in this juice.
• Apply the cotton ball to the anal area for five minutes.
• You will see faster relief from pain and swelling.

8 Aloe Vera

This remedy work wonders for swollen and painful veins. It also reduces bleeding piles. It can be used in different ways.

•  You can cut the leaf of Aloe Vera into half and slightly heat. Apply this to the affected area before you go to bed.
• You can also freeze the leaves and apply them on painful piles to reduce pain, itchiness or burning sensation.

9 Warm Bath Or Sitz

Soaking in a warm bath or Sitz is a good home remedy for piles. Sitz baths are available in drug stores.

• Soak the anal area in plain warm water for about 10-15 minutes
• Do this remedy 2-3 times a day.
• You can also add Epsom salt to the water.
• Epsom salts make the hemorrhoids shrink.

10 Ginger

This is a naturally available treatment to get relief from the piles problem.

• Mix 1 teaspoon of ginger extract with mint extract, one tablespoon of honey and lime juice.
• Take this mixture every day to get relief from piles.

11 Teabag

Tea contains tannin which is a natural astringent. This will help to reduce the swelling and pain.

• Apply warm wet tea bag to the affected area. The warmth will soothe the area
• You can apply the teabag while sitting on the toilet.

12 Witch Hazel

This is another tannin rich herb which will help you to get rid of the pain and discomfort caused by the hemorrhoid.

• Take a cotton ball soaked in undistilled witch hazel
• Dab the hemorrhoids with witch hazel using the cotton ball to reduce swelling and itching.

13 Eat Fiber Rich Food

The most important natural home remedy for piles is consuming the right food. To treat the piles or to prevent piles one should have a proper diet which is rich in fiber.

• Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet.
• Use brown rice instead of white rice
• Include oatmeal, wheat bran, pulses etc in your diet.

14 Ring Cushions

Using ring cushions to sit can take off the pressure on the piles. This remedy will be highly useful if you have inflamed and thrombosed piles. Avoid sitting for long hours as this can cause pressure to the anal area.

•  If you are lightweight you can use the pool inflatable for children
• There are round cushions available in memory foam for piles patients.

15 Do Not Strain

Lifting heavy objects can cause more pressure on the piles. It is also necessary to avoid strained bowel movements. Try to let the bowel movements pass without forcing. The unnecessary buildup worsens the hemorrhoids.

• Do not lift heavy items and use the correct posture to lift the things from the ground.
• You can prevent straining in the toilet by using the correct posture. You can reduce the strain on the 
rectum by placing your feet up on a small stool.

Apart from these remedies, you can also use some prevention methods to avoid the piles.  Preventing the hemorrhoids avoids the need to treat them and suffer the pain and discomfort. Drink 8-10 glass of water every day to avoid hard stools and ease the movement of the bowel. Do not scratch the area with hemorrhoids using toilet paper. Use wet tissue with alcohol to wipe the area.  If you want to avoid piles, wear cotton undergarments which are less irritating than artificial fabrics. Doing regular exercise helps in proper digestion and easy movement of bowels.

Are you a person suffering from the itching, pain or swelling caused by the hemorrhoids in the anal area? Do you want to get rid of the bleeding piles? Are you looking for the methods to prevent or treat the piles? Then you can use the methods suggested here. It is necessary to continue the remedies for two to three months to get complete cure.


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