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Meet the man who gave up being human to live like a GOAT

Thomas Thwaites spent three days as part of a herd in the Swiss Alps while investigating goat behaviourf

            Sojourn: Thomas Thwaites dropped out of the rat race and joined the goat race

This is the man so intruiged by goats he gave it all up to live with them in the mountains.
Thomas Thwaites spent three days as part of a herd in the Swiss Alps while investigating goat behaviour.

He used special prosthetic limbs made to enable him to move around on all fours easily.

           Among friends: The designer persuaded a goat herder to let him join in

And the designer even considered having a fake stomach fitted to let him to eat grass, just like his four-legged friends.

Mr Thwaites cloven-hooved sojourn was aimed at "taking a break from being.
He told Mashable: "My goal was to take a holiday from the pain and worry of being a self-conscious being, able to regret the past and worry about the future."

Mr Thwaites is a British conceptual designer interested in how humans will use technology to fulfil their desires

But being a goat wasn't a completely care-free existence.

  Pasture: Thomas described finally catching up with the goats in a grassy field as 'quite nice'

He told Motherboard: "I was able to keep up for maybe a kilometre or so on this migration down the side of this kind of rocky mountain, and then they just left me in the dust.

"So I spent the rest of the day trying to catch up to them and eventually I found them again, and it was quite nice, in the actual soft grassy pasture bit.

            Frightening: Heading down the mountain was 'petrifying' says Thomas

"But actually heading down the mountain was petrifying. Because if I fell I didn’t have any hands to stop me from hitting a rock."

Thwaites has written a book about his experiences, called ‘GoatMan; How I Took a Holiday from Being Human’.

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