Wednesday, August 12, 2015

These 7 Things Are Happening To Us In The Body When We Drink Beer!

Let’s face it, BEER, is one of the oldest and the most popular alcoholic beverage in the world. We seldom hear the word ‘beer’ and moderation together in a single sentence when we talk about DRINKING

Beer is an alcoholic beverage believed by many to be the oldest fermented drink. It is made by blending cereal grains like barley or other starchy sources like millet or corn with water and then fermenting the mixture with the use of brewer’s yeast. The fluid is also infused with hops to give it its characteristic bitter taste. Modern brewing methods typically clarify the fluid with a variety of clarifying agents so as to produce a distinctly clean and bright color.

Commonly referred to as “liquid bread,” beer is an old and popular beverage around the world. Negative side effects of beer are generally due to the amount of alcohol that you consumed. However there are some ingredients that one may find they are intolerant of, such as that in beer. In these cases it is best to completely avoid the identified alcohol.

Have you ever wondered what happens when you take a sip of that drink? Well here’s what happens in the first 24 hours after you drink something alcoholic!

First 5 minutes:

Within minutes of taking a sip the alcohol travels to your stomach where it is absorbed into your bloodstream, it then travels all over your body including to your brain and around your muscles.

10 minutes:

Your body see’s the alcohol as a poison, it doesn’t want to store it and aims to break it down and get rid of it as quickly as possible.

15 minutes:

Your stomach now is trying to breakdown and remove the alcohol, it’s now produced the enzyme ‘Alcohol dehydrogenase’ which converts the alcohol into chemicals including Acetaldehyde (which is quite toxic and is a big contributing factor to your hangover the next day), then into acetic acid and finally fatty acids and water (the final two the body likes). This then sobers you up, however if you drink more than your liver can deal with you will become drunk.

20 minutes:

You generally start to feel the alcohol affecting you after 20 minutes, this includes a light head, feelings of happiness or other emotions.

45 minutes:

Between this time and 90 minutes is when the alcohol level will peak in your blood (source).

60 Minutes:

You’ll likely need to go to the toilet, as alcohol is a diuretic the kidneys direct drink directly to the bladder, this causes you to need the toilet more often and dehydrates you. If you stop drinking you’re likely to feel sleepy or crash out, although you’ll get to sleep quickly, due to dehydration your quality of sleep is not good.

12-24 hours:

When you awake you’ll be likely feel one of the many symptoms of a hangover such as headaches, dizziness, thirst, paleness and tremors, most of which are caused by dehydration. Your body will still be trying to deal with any excess alcohol in your system.


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