Saturday, August 15, 2015

Two arrested after couple shot dead in car in front of toddler daughter

Anthony Costner, 24, and wife Catherine, 22, were found dead in their car after responding to a call for help from someone they knew,Two men have been arrested after a young couple were shot dead in their car, with their toddler in the back seat, police said.

Anthony Costner, 24, and wife Catherine, 22, from Georgia, were found inside the car, which was in a ditch with its headlights on, around 2am on Thursday 6th August.

The young dad had been shot multiple times and died at the scene, in Powder Springs, while Catherine was taken to hospital with a gunshot wound but later died,

The couple's three-year-old daughter was also found in the car with them, but was unharmed.

Catherine's mother told local reporters that the couple had received a call for help in the middle of the night from someone they knew when they set out.

But now Powder Springs police say they planned to meet their would-be killer, with drugs suspected of being involved, the New York Daily News reported.

Roy Hicks, 39, from Smyrna, was arrested two days after the shooting and charged with murder as well as aggravated assault and cruelty to children.

A second suspect, Demarco Thomas, 22 from Marietta, was held on Friday. His charges include violation of the Georgia Controlled Substances Act and concealing the death of another.

Chief of Police John Robison said: "This was not a random crime. The victims had planned to meet with Hicks prior to the murders."

Robison added that it was "a miracle" that the couple's three-year-old daughter had not been harmed.

He added: "She's OK. She's now with family and being well taken care of."

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