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Why should girls have all the fun: 5 advanced skin treatments for men!

Looking good is no more only a woman’s thing – as corporate culture demands men to appear graceful too. But, men being outdoor creatures – often have a hard-time to maintain their skin and often end-up with skin-issues. However, the urban man is taking it way too seriously and going for skin treatments for keeping all their skin-related woes at bay. Permanent Makeup Expert and Executive Director of ALPS Beauty Clinic, Ms. Gunjan Taneja Gaur, reveals such fantastic skin treatments for men to have their share of beauty:

Ozone Treatment: (For Acne, Whiteheads & Blackheads)

Acne is a problem not only witnessed by adolescent boys – but by men of all ages. This treatment not only heals acne, blackheads, and whiteheads, but prevents these from re-occurring too. It makes use of ozone that is filled with disinfectant properties and hence, helps in reducing acne-borne infections. It also increases the blood circulation that aids in the removal of white heads and black heads while infusing a radiant glow too. So, go for ozone treatment, if you want a clean & clear skin. It also gives boost to the dull skin, by toning and firming it for a younger and brighter look.

Red Laser Treatment: (For scars-marks)

Acne scars & marks occurred after improper treatment – can mar the look of a gentleman. A healthy regeneration of the skin may help tackle this problem. Red laser works deeper in the skin where cell regeneration process takes place, it stimulates this process of skin renewal there, by giving it a fresher and brighter look. Apart from cell regeneration, laser treatment is enriched with anti-infective & anti-inflammatory properties too. Hence, it is considered best for men with sensitive and acne prone skin. It also helps in increase microcirculation; which makes our skin appear full of life and glowing. Men with dull complexion, scars, acne marks, tanning, fine lines etc. should go for this treatment without even thinking twice!

Yellow Laser Treatment: (For Dark Circles & Fine lines of around-eye area)

Dark circles are very common amongst urban men who have to sit in front of computer screens all-day-long! Save yourself by opting for the Yellow Laser treatment for the around-eye area. The yellow laser works in the same manner as does the red laser but is mild in intensity and is devoid of infra-red rays. Hence, it can be used over the sensitive parts like – the around eye area, without any worries. It helps to rejuvenate skin around the eyes there by reducing dark circles & wrinkles. So, guys with prominent dark-circles can immediately opt for a Yellow Laser Treatment.

Micro Derma-abrasion Treatment: (For Intense Marks)

Meant for removing scars, spots, tan and even burn marks on the facial skin; a Micro Derma Abrasion Treatment is a must for problematic skin. This treatment involves deep & mechanical exfoliation of the skin to remove the outer most, dead layer – gently and evenly. It is a non-invasive and painless therapy that helps to remove the upper, tanned and scarred layer of the skin. The procedure includes combination of fine crystals and vacuum suction applied to the skin. This treatment helps to diminish tanning, acne scars, burn or accidental scars, hyper pigmentation, fine lines & dull complexion etc.

Chemical Peels: (For Strong Tanning & Scars)

Chemical Peeling is skin-treatment used to improve and smoothen-up the texture of the facial skin using chemical formulation. It causes the dead skin layer to eventually peel off while washing/removing the peel. The regenerated skin appears smoother and less problematic than the older skin. A non-fussy one – chemical peel, is a 15-minutes job that ensures removal of old and damaged skin-layer – revealing an all-new replenished skin of the tougher-sex. So, as men face a lot of sun-exposure and therefore extreme tanning – these peels prove utterly helpful.

Thus, if you too suffer from these skin problems, don’t shy away from taking any such treatment – just because you’re a MAN. Ditch this cliché – go for expert supervision by visiting any fully equipped salon and get ready to flaunt a new you! All these treatments are available at ALPS Cosmetic Clinics!

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