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14 minute workout that will change your life and give you results in a week

Vitality coach Nikki Fogden-Moore demonstrates how to do a push up. Source: Supplied

TOO flat out at work to get to a gym? Too busy with family demands to exercise?

Vitality coach Nikki Fogden-Moore has trained thousands of the busiest people on earth — high end CEOs, entrepreneurs and mums — and says if they can find the time, then so can you.

All it takes is the one per cent rule.

You only have to spend 14.4 minutes — one per cent of your day — on a workout to improve
your fitness fast and reap long-lasting results.

“The fastest way to create change is to find a small moment in your day, every day and do one tiny thing that will make a difference,” she says.

“If you spend one per cent of your day making this change then in 100 days you will be 100 per cent better off.”

Fogden-Moore ( has designed the Wakeup Workout — five simple exercises you can do in less than 15 minutes — to improve core strength, tone your whole body and kickstart your metabolism.

Best of all you can train without leaving the house, in your pyjamas, if you like.
“The secret is to get out of bed and start moving as soon as that alarm goes off. No snooze button!,” she says.

First thing in the morning is the best time to reboot your metabolism but any time of day is fine as long as you focus on technique.
“Start with seven days in a row then ideally every second day to maintain results.”

Within one week you will start feeling your posture improve and core strength increase.
Here are some of her exercises:

The Plank

Rest on your forearms with your body in one line from head to hip, to heel.
Tighten abs and come on to toes. Push through to your toes, engaging the core and all muscles from top to toe.

Nikki in the plank position. Source: Supplied

Keep your hips in line with your shoulders. Technique is more important than time.
Keep your eyes ‘soft’ and focus on your breathing. Start with 5-10 seconds and build up to 60 seconds. Repeat if time permits.

Classic Crunch

This isolates the abs and it’s all about small movements and relaxing your head into your hands. Start with your shoulders and head slightly raised.
Lie so the middle of your back is firmly on the ground — push your belly button towards your spine.
Hands behind your head but elbows back at all times. This is really important. Imagine balancing a plate on your forehead. Pulse up towards the ceiling/sky — looking up all the time.

The smaller the movements, the better the result with crunches. Source: Supplied

Raise your upper body off the ground in small controlled movements — keep this tension until you reach 15 to 30 reps then come down completely to rest.
Repeat. 30-50 reps x 3 is ideal.

Push Up

Keep your hands wide at all times and make sure your back is long with a full body extension. Even for the kneeling option a long torso and wide hand position still applies.
The wider grip ensures you work the full chest and shoulder area. Keeping body in one line, head in line with spine — take your feet just within shoulder-width and hands wider than shoulder-width.

For a stronger workout, try a full body push up. Source: Supplied

Complete full push up, then back to start. Hold abs tight and stable to prevent any strain in lower back. Start with five and build up to 25 x 3 repeats.
Feeling strong? Put one foot on the other for a super push up.

Lower Ab Lift

The lower ab lift is harder than it looks. Source: Supplied

Deceptively difficult! The smaller the movement the better the results. Lie on your back, hands resting by sides or behind your head. Eyes to the ceiling/sky again.

Keep hips and knees in line and extend legs to start position, feet flat to the sky, toes flexed towards you. Lift pelvis off the ground in small movements, hold slightly off the ground at the end of each rep — only come back down at the end of the set.

Technique is more important than speed. Try five perfect ones and build to 25 x 3 repeats if you have the time.
Get someone else to spot you to make sure feet/legs stay as straight as possible and you push up to the sky, not out.

Child’s Pose

Roll gently onto your knees and hands. Place forehead to the floor with hands by your sides, palms facing up, or stretched out in front of you palms down. Breathe in. Exhale slowly and deliberately.

The child’s pose helps relax body and the mind. Source: Supplied

Relax here for at least 10 counts of breath in and out. Take your time to roll up from hips 

to shoulders.


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