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6 must-know beauty secrets

These tips will leave your skin glowing no matter what.

VIVIENNE Somers is a make up artist who has worked on Susie O’Neill, Sandra Sully and John Howard and is currently producing a series on YouTube called In The Makeup Chair. She shares 6 make up, hair and beauty secrets — and not just for women.

Hangover cures for your looks:

1. Drink one cup of water between each alcoholic drink and drink three glasses of water before bed. In the morning, she recommends having a glass of Berocca.

2. Put soaked green tea bags in the freezer for 10 minutes and then on your eyes. Add a moisturising mask to your face.* When you take the bags off, pop in some eye drops and voila — your ten minute hangover cure.

3. Viv recommends steering clear of matte foundations after a night out drinking as they can make your dehydrated skin looks worse. It’s important to let your skin breathe the next day, so use a light, liquid foundation and a bit of cream blush to brighten up your face.

* If you want a less expensive and more natural option: Peel half a cucumber and take half an avocado and blend in a blender and apply to the face.

Green tea bags will work wonders for your skin after a big night out.Source:news.com.au

The next big trend:

Mankup — aka. The make-up for men

The main concern for men are bags under the eyes so tinted moisturises, light powders, bronzers and concealers are great for men if used correctly. Nude by Naturehave a range out that looks great on both men and women.


Viv recommends starting early to prevent ageing. Start by drinking 2L of water a day. It is a simple method that may sound boring but they key is that it helps keep circulation going. She is a big fan of taking vitamins (such as vitamin B) and nutrition and an advocate of organic foods and healthy eating.
Start using rosehip and jojoba oil — together! Rosehip is anti-ageing so will help with fine lines and scarring. But the jojoba oil absorbs this down into the layers of the skin. It is cheap and effective.

Don’t underestimate the power of drinking enough water each day.Source:news.com.au

Next big beauty phase:

Full brows are in — for every age group. There are brow gels, mascaras, crayons, gels and powders to get your brows on fleek. For women with short hairs or hair that does not grow, Viv recommends using an eyebrow stencil that will give you a guideline for the right arch and thickness for your brows — and stay away from tweezers — if you tweeze too much, sometimes they do not grow back.

Products to live by:

Some of Viv’s favourite products are:

Mac Face and body foundation because it is a fine textured foundation that can be used on the backs of your hands, face, chest, legs etc. It can go from being a fine, light texture, to you being able to build it to a thick consistency.
* Urban Decay eyeshadow palette — which Viv calls the next “big thing” — as the pigment is true to the colour. It is a beautiful creamy texture that doesn’t flake or dry your eyes and wears all day.
* False lashes — A lash strip is better for beginners as it is much easier to apply. Use your lashes to guide your line and bend it before putting them on. Long lashes will give you a beautiful feminine look.
* Coconut oil is a magical product as it is a great moisturiser, mood regulator and has so many benefits.

Viv swears by coconut oil, which has loads of major benefits for your skin.Source:news.com.au

Eye bags:

Keep strictly to the dark circle; do not get concealer on the actual “bag” under the eye. When you are blending it, be careful not to rub or drag the concealer, instead, dab it on until it covers the area. Viv recommends choosing a concealer colour that is fairly close to your tone. Use a colour that is one or two shades lighter with warmth to it.

Check out more clever tips on YouTube channel or go to www.viviennesomers.com

source; http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/beauty/vivienne-somers-how-to-look-good-when-you-have-behaved-badly/story-fnjcnzwg-1227465373238

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