Saturday, September 19, 2015

Here is what the size of the ring finger says about you!

Just look at the position of the little finger to the ring finger and you will discover what kind of lover you are:

Here are the results:

1. If the little finger reaches the first part of the ring finger… 

You have satisfactory communication skills. Use this in the best possible way, if you have a chance to be alone with somebody. Don’t think too much about expressing your emotions, just go with it. Trust yourself and enjoy each day as if it’s Valentine’s Day.

2. If the little finger exceeds the first part of the ring ringer… 

You are great communicative and quite clever person! For you, expressing emotions is a piece of cake. You are generous and kind for all people. But be careful! Many people can interpret and understand it on the wrong way.
Be reasonable in flattery!

3. If the little finger is under the first part of the ring …

Even if you are attracted to somebody, don’t show openly. First you want to see what the other person will do, and if the person doesn’t answer back, it disappoints you rapidly.
At the beginning if you admit what you fell, maybe you will not do much. Instead, try to talk with that person via Facebook, SMS or WhatsApp.

It is true, isn’t it?

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