Friday, September 4, 2015

Here is what your butt shape says about you- Yo’ll be surprised !

There are different connotations of buttocks in culture, art, fashion and humor, and our language is replete with numerous popular synonyms.

There are 9 types of a butt shape. Following, you can see how your butt shape describes you as a person:

Muscle butt
If you have muscle butt that means you are a person who has self-confidence, and you are intellectually and physically strong.

Round butt
Many analysis claims that people with round butt (also known as “apple bottom”) are very positive in life, ambitious and successful. Furthermore, the round butts are sexually active, honest, direct and money-oriented.

Square butt
You are a person who have the capacity to go to afar in many businesses. You have immense ambition and you will not stop till you complete your targets.

Wrinkly butt
You are a person who is rational, calm and can be trusted. But, if you have unsymmetrical wrinkles that means you are little bit selfish and you desire excessively.

Saddlebag butt
You are a person who is very loyal in love and marriage, but you don’t have enough confidence and motivation.

Saggy butt
A person with a saggy butt is very generous and friendly. This person is compassionate, encouraging, trustworthy and with a great sense of humour.

Uneven butt
If you have larger left buttock than the right one, you have to think about marriage, because it is a great possibility that you can stay single. On contrary, if you have larger right buttock that the left one, you will have many difficulties in the life. For instance, problems at work – for the men and child birth problems for the women.

Hairy butt
People with hairy butt are very kind and pleasant people. If you have black hair on your buttocks and red hair on your head that means you are very talented and passionate person.

Birthmarks on the butt
You are very passionate and brave person. You will enjoy many years of creation and sex and your life.

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