Wednesday, September 2, 2015

NASA’s Curiosity rover photographs unexplained objects on the surface of Mars

What the? ... A strange object that looks like an old army hat was spotted on the surface of Mars. Picture: NASA Source:Supplied

FROM a thigh bone to an odd traffic light, NASA’s Curiosity rover has photographed some extremely weird things on the surface of Mars.

Dozens of YouTube videos and social media pictures have been uploaded since the vehicle began its journey across the red planet in 2012.

The rover’s goal is to research and gather information in preparation for future human exploration, but in its travels it has captured some unexplained things.
Here’s a look at some of the most confusing.

Animal life ... An iguana (or iguana shaped rock) was photographed. Picture: NASA Source: Supplied

Human remains? ... Is that a thighbone in the sand? Picture: NASA Source: Supplied

Strange markings ... An aerial view reveals an imprint of an elephant on the surface. Picture: NASA Source: Supplied

Catching some rays ... This photo appears to show a person casually sitting on a rock. Picture: NASA Source: Supplied

Weird ... This older photo shows what looks like a face sticking out of the ground. Picture: NASA Source: Supplied

Road rules ... Is that a set of rock traffic lights? Picture: NASA Source: Supplied

Cricket anyone? ... This photo shows some kind of a ball balancing on a rock. Picture: NASA Source: Supplied

Accidental drawing ... The rover seemed to have created a giant penis in the sand. Picture: NASA Source: Supplied

Who put that there? ... A doughnut shaped object appeared from thin air. Picture: NASA Source: Suppliede1

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