Tuesday, October 20, 2015

6 Ways That Men Trashing Their Sperm Every Day

When a couple encounters fertility problems, it is mainly the body and behavior of the female that are examined. This reaction is totally unfair given that 50% of the time, the problem lies in equipment and human lifestyles, says Joseph Alukal, MD, assistant professor of urology and director of male reproductive health Langone NYU Medical Center..

New research has discovered how the lifestyle of a man can affect the quality and quantity of sperm. For example, a new animal study found a link between the disruption of production of sperms and bisphenol A, a chemical compound found in plastic bottles and cans.

The study published in the scientific journal PLOS Genetics and supports the dominant theory that BPA is an endocrine disruptor that lowers the number and quality of sperm by mimicking estrogen, which in turn, alters hormone levels male sex.

Officially, the BPA has been deemed safe by the FDA. But you may be that your partner is still away from products containing BPA and want it changes the following habits so that his paternal future is possible.

Put his cell phone in his pocket before
he was ten years ago, a study had found a cell phone placed near the family jewels decreased live sperm samples from 9% due to the radiation emitted by it. So it’s best to put his cell phone in a pocket or in his back pocket.

Being stressed
Stress has consequences in all body functions, including the production of sperm, says Alukal. A recent study found that anxious people tend to have abnormally shaped sperm and sperm meeting with mobility problems.

Being a smoker
“Smoking has a negative impact on sperm quality, regardless of their level of consumption,” says Alukal. There is still good news earlier a man stops smoking, the sooner the system will start to generate healthy sperm, he said.

Having excess weight
Being overweight or obese decreases the production of semen, emphasizes Alukal as possibly fat produces estrogen. On the other hand, men who have overweight are more prone to erectile dysfunction. Another threat to male fertility.

Spending time in the heat
The testicles of a man can not work properly when they encounter some heat, unless they are a few degrees cooler than the rest of his body. So that the heat really has the effect of killing the sperm, a man must be exposed regularly or often. This may be the case of a welder, for example, whose job requires him to work with hot materials.

Drinking a lot of alcohol
Men who drink a lot of alcohol tend to have poorer overall health, which can also affect the number and quality of sperm, reports Alukal. According to a recent study by the British Medical Journal, men who drink as little as five drinks a week deteriorate the quality of their sperm.

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