Thursday, October 22, 2015

Miracle Baby Was So Small That Was Put Into A Sandwich Bag To Stay Warm

Fragile Premature Baby Was Put Into A Sandwich Bag So She May Have A Chance
Pixie Griffiths-Grant as the miracle baby that was delivered by emergency C-section at only 28 weeks. She was so tiny that doctors placed her in a sandwich bag to help keep her warm! She weighed in just a little over 1 pound, which is extremely underweight for a human baby. She wasn’t even bigger than her mother’s hand!


Pixie was born 3 months premature, which automatically put her in the danger zone of surviving the first 3 weeks of birth.

“It was so random that they had her in the Tesco bag. It must have just been what the operating theater had at the time.” – said Pixie’s mother, 37-year-old Sharon Grant, referring to the British grocery chain.


During her pregnancy, Sharon was told that her baby had stopped growing at 20 weeks.
“My placenta and umbilical cord weren’t feeding her properly,” she said.
Her mother wasn’t allowed to hold Pixie for 18 days due to her fragile state. Luckily, Pixie began gaining weight at two months, and three months after that was up to 7.5 pounds.


Article: Telegraph

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