Saturday, October 10, 2015

Mom Arrives At Hospital To Give Birth. That’s When Doctors Tell Her She Was Almost 3 Hours Too Late

Without A Miracle, She May Not Have Survived.

When Gemma Edwards arrived at the hospital and gave birth to her daughter Skye, doctors broke terrifying news to her; if she showed up three hours later, Skye would have been conceived as a stillborn. Even after Skye’s successful arrival, she was still in grave danger, so she had to be airlifted to a different hospital almost 200 miles away. Once she arrived, she was put under a medically induced coma.

Skye had major heart and lung problems. Her blood platelet level was a mere 7, when normal rates are around 150-450. This meant that she was on the verge of bleeding out. She was also not producing enough hemoglobin.

Within 24 hours of being born she really went downhill; everything was going wrong. She was pretty much a goner,” recalls Gemma.
For as long as it took, doctors did everything they could to keep Skye alive. Then, a special team flew her to the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Glasgow, and she began to recover there.

Her parents had received a lot of online support from friends and strangers as they waited to hear how Skye was doing.
“Social media helped me a lot. It made me feel like I was not alone. Now every day we are looking at a miracle,” Gemma told the Daily News.
Fortunately, Skye has fully recovered and is not a completely healthy baby! And though she still has one more bone marrow test to complete, doctors assured her parents that Skye should not have any permanent health issues anymore. She is truly a miracle and a blessing!


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