Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Newborn Baby Survives Being Thrown From A 5th Floor Window By Teen Mother

A Newborn Baby Miraculously Survives A 5 Floor Fall

The 15-year-old Azhen has allegedly thrown her newborn baby out of a window of her Dongguan, Guandong Provine, apartment. She panicked when she gave birth to the little boy in the toilet and well, the rest is filled with gruesome details.

It’s reported that her landlady was walking outside when she spotted the bloodied, but miraculously still alive, boy on the ground.

Image: CEN

As reported, the landlady was walking outside when she found a bloodied baby boy on the ground. The police were called in and Azhen was arrested. During her questioning, she admitted to having disposed of the baby out of anger that her 19-year-old boyfriend, whom she met at work, did not want to aid her in the birth.

Image: CEN

The two had moved in together and just a few weeks later, Azhen became pregnant. The case is still being investigated. Our prayers go out to that poor innocent child whose only fault is having a mother that does not have love for him.
She told police that she was forced to have the child when doctors refused to perform an abortion on her because of her young age.

Image: CEN

Video/Article: Yahoo News

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