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People Would Turn The Other Way Until One Stranger Stepped In

When someone becomes a parent, there is a bond created with your child that only other parents can truly understand.  These immense emotions are the driving force behind that, “I’ll do anything for them” feeling.  Because of this bond, there is a motivation that makes you feel like you can move mountains for your children.  It is a beautiful thing.
There is a downfall to this incredible bond though.  The downfall is the feeling when your child is suffering and you can’t do anything about it.  It’s a feeling of helplessness, weakness, and panic.
This is a feeling that is all to familiar to the parents of Yahya, a child who suffered from a development issue in the womb due to a rare genetic disorder.  Most children who suffer from this disorder die in the womb.  God was already working in Yahya’s life.

Credit: Channel 7 Australia

Yahya had a very painful early life due to this disorder.  Because of his ailment, he was born without the bone which separates his brain from his forehead, eyes, upper jaw, and has an open hole where his nose would normally have been.  The doctors didn’t give him long to live because they thought that he would get an infection from the holes that shouldn’t have been there.

Source:  Channel 7 Australia

Despite his family knowing that he was an amazing child, others weren’t so welcoming to Yahya.  Strangers found it hard to even look at him, let alone try to get to know him.  His family met with many doctors, looking for one that would take on his case.  But at every turn, they met with more and more disappointment.  The doctors were either unable to perform the surgery or they thought that it was too risky.

Source: Channel 7 Australia

As Yahya’s family was beginning to lose hope, God stepped in a performed a miracle.  The miracle all started when a family friend decided to post a picture of Yahya on Facebook looking for help.

Source: Channel 7 Australia

The miracle came in the form of Fatima Baraka who came across the story while in Australia.  She couldn’t help but think about the little boy from Morocco which was originally her home town.  She knew of a talented surgeon, Dr. Tony Holmes, who was known for separating conjoined twins.  Utilizing all of her resources and connections, she was able to reach out and garner aid from the good doctor.

Source: Channel 7 Australia

The procedure was deemed extremely risky due to the fact that because he wasn’t born with a crucial part of the cranial bone, his brain would have to be removed from his skull.  Despite the risks, his family decided that they wanted him to live a more regular life and decided to go on with the surgery.

Source: Channel 7 Australia

The surgery lasted 19 hours which was 10 more than what was originally anticipated.  He thankfully survived the surgery which made him lose half of the blood volume in his body.  Despite the complications, by the grace of God he pulled through.  For the first time in his life Yahya was able to smile.  He did so with his repaired jaw and new nose.

Source: Channel 7 Australia

Yahya’s story isn’t over yet.  He has more surgeries to go through as he grows older and they are even hoping that he’ll be able to get prosthetic eyes.  He has since started walking on his own and is enjoying being a kid.  But this is all thanks to a stranger who cared from nearly a half a world away.

Source: Moroccan Childrens Appeal

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