Friday, October 16, 2015

She Was Left To Die Until A Passerby And His Dog Rescued Her

Thank Goodness She Was Spotted!

In Carrieres-sur-Seine, France, a passerby and his dog came upon a grisly sight while on their walk. A traumatised, dehydrated dog was buried up to its head in dirt.
Right away Pedro Dinis, the man who shared these photos on facebook,  called for emergency services and tried to hurriedly free the dog and give her water.  His own dog joined in the help and gave the French mastiff a few comforting kisses.

Pedro Dinis’s Facebook

Even more shocking, when it came time to uncover her legs, he discovered that a bag of gravel had been weighing her down.

In other words, the horrible situation was most likely not a mistake.
The Police were able to track down the owner of the buried dog. Her 21-year-old owner denied burying the dog and claims that they had thought she ran way.

Pedro Dinis’s Facebook

A source close to the investigation paints a different picture,
The dog is more than 10-years-old and suffers from arthritis. It’s difficult to imagine her running away.’

Pedro Dinis’s Facebook

According to Daily Mail, the owner of the French Mastiff will be put on trial for animal cruelty and could spend up to 2 years in prison as well as paying a fine up to £20,000.
An online petition calling for the ‘maximum sentence for the owner’ had received 135,000 signatures already.

Article: Pedro Dinis/Daily Mail UK

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