Thursday, October 22, 2015

The nation is finally turning against Con man David Cameron

Voice of the Mirror says Cameron does not have answers and will open his mouth and put a foot in it if asked about what matters to the country
Man of steel? David Cameron

So now we know. David Cameron delights in stealing £4.4billion from more than three million British families.

It is a strange Prime Minister who gets a kick out of cheating so many people of an average £1,300 each. Then again, Cameron did not put this theft in the Tory manifesto and might take a bizarre pleasure in the trickery.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn again wrong-footed the supposedly slick Conservative champion in Prime Minister’s Questions by raising real life issues concerning Britons rather than playing theatrical games.

We are discovering that Cameron does not have answers and will open his mouth and put a foot in it if asked about what matters to the country. And tax credits is the number one issue right now.
We warned before the election that Cameron would target families.
And the cries of those who fell for Tory lies and are now recanting are the sound of a nation turning against a Con man.

In politics there is an easy way and a hard way to tackle every problem and dogmatic Cameron is taking the hard way. Because we all know he will have to give ground.
Stain on steel

The Prime Minister’s touchy reaction to a Labour MP raising the issue of catastrophic job losses displayed all the self-entitlement of someone peering down from an ivory tower.
David Cameron’s indignant outburst when questioned by Redcar’s Anna Turley might be funny on a comedy sketch show.

Yet when thousands of British workers are being dumped on the scrapheap it is cruel, nasty and contemptible.

Creepy Cameron is all too eager to suck up to China’s Communist dictator before turning on a representative of men and women fighting for their livelihoods.
His behaviour exposed the sham of Northern Powerhouse propaganda spun for the gullible by a Conservative regime more interested in profits from Beijing than it is in the prosperity of Scunthorpe, Lanarkshire and Redcar.

If Cameron cared half as much for British workers as he does for his new best friend in China, we would be a better country. Instead the Tories have sold them down the Yangtze.


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