Thursday, October 8, 2015

They Prayed To Spend Their Final Day Together. After 75-Years Of Marriage? Their Prayer Is Answered.

Jeanette Toczko held husband Alexander saying ‘You died in my arms and I love you. I love you, wait for me, I’ll be there soon’

This is the final loving embrace between a couple after 75 years of married life.The touching moment summed up more than 85 years of companionship with the pair becoming ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’ at just 8-years-old.

Both were madly in love with each other. They always prayed that if they were to die that they would do so in each others  arms. On  Sunday morning Alexander Toczko took his last breathe; only 24 hours later his wife, Jaenette Toczko, joined him.

The couple’s daughter, Aimee Toczko-Cushman spoke to 10 News about the moment she told her mother that she’d lost her husband.
“I told my mother he was gone,” she said.

“She hugged him and she said, ‘See this is what you wanted. You died in my arms and I love you. I love you, wait for me, I’ll be there soon’.”

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