Thursday, March 24, 2016

5 Questions Everyone Should Ask Their Partner Before Getting Married

Don't get married unless you've asked these 5 questions

Are our spiritual beliefs compatible?
There is no rule that an atheist can't be with a Muslim or a Jew can't be with a Christian.

What is important is that people with different spiritual beliefs can be compatible. Be honest: do you want to be with someone with opposing beliefs?

Do either of us have a genetic illness we can pass on?
This is an important thing to know before you have children. Taking care of a child with a congenital disease is an incredible burden that can put a great deal of strain on a marriage.

Ask yourself: is having children important to you? More important than a prospective marriage?

Are holidays important to you?
Do all the holidays matter to you and your partner? Do you think anniversaries and important dates are more important? It's important to have expectations established about that kind of thing.

If they want to observe Rosh Hashana and you don't really care to be a part of it, make sure that isn't going to be a problem.

Are you open to counseling if we have problems?
Sometimes marital problems can't be resolved by talking it out and counseling becomes important for resolution.

Not everyone, however, is up for that. It's important that you know counseling is on the table of things go belly up in your marriage.

Why have our past relationships failed?
Most importantly, how have things gone in previous relationships? Why were there failures?

Were the mistakes something you learned from? What went wrong in past relationships could lead to problems down the road for you.

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