Sunday, April 17, 2016

Soul Contracts

Our higher selves are always communicating with each other and setting up contracts for our souls to evolve from.

We don't have to learn through inflicting pain on another being, but oftentimes it is the pain of "observing" our destructive behaviors that creates the most growth within our being. Once a soul contract is set up, the lesson will be learned even if it requires multiple chances and multiple key players to help us advance our souls. Once the lesson is learned, the contracts we set up with others are over. We can CHOOSE to remain in a relationship with them or move on.

Sometimes one person in the soul contract will learn but the other person needs more time. Our energy fields and consciousness is what creates our reality. Each soul is growing at their own pace....if you are reading this message you are choosing to evolve at an accelerated rate. Our soul mates, who we create contracts with, may choose to grow slowly and they may choose to hold onto the distorted beliefs, subconscious programs and distorted energies within their energy fields that keep them in a pattern of re-creation over and over again until they choose to release what no longer serves them.

Our pain is suppose to be a catalyst for our growth pushing us into an upward spiral of greater awareness, but sometimes, it will catapult people into a downward spiral where they choose the darkness of limitations~ going deeper into the void of repression, denial, numbness and another opportunity over and over again until they decide to choose differently in the future. Sometimes these contracts will continue lifetime after lifetime until the soul finally decides to evolve and balance their misqualifed energy.

When a contract is set up with another soul, it is our job to stay focused on what "The Self" is suppose to learn. This is the inner path. The act of self observation, analysis and willingness to self transcend will lead to the transmutation of the negative energies in our energy fields that need to be cleared so we can create a life of harmony, peace and balance for ourselves. It really doesn't matter what the other soul was suppose to learn....we are here for our own soul growth and when each person takes responsibility for their own growth ~ we help the entire human consciousness rise in vibration because we are creating more loving circumstances for ourselves that create healing for the entire planet.

The universe and our higher selves love us so much they will continue to draw circumstances to us that are reflective of our hidden inner workings so we can heal and create the life of our dreams. By becoming proactive in our spiritual process through meditation, being consciously aware of our inner workings (how we are feeling) and being willing to "see" the behavioral patterns and negative thought forms within our own being - we can create the life we desire by clearing out the unnecessary debris in our energy fields that keeps us blocked and veiled from the truth of our being which is love. This is our birthright....we just need to choose from our own free will to change and to return ourselves to a place of wholeness.

Many blessings on your souls journey.

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