Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Are You A Narcissist? Here's How To Spot One

In the age of social media likes and selfie sticks, you often hear the term “narcissist” being thrown around. It’s a loose term but it’s often defined by psychologists as having an “inflated grandiose self-image.” Sound familiar? 

Narcissism is very much a spectrum – ranging from certain personality traits to a full-whack narcissistic personality disorder. Traits can vary, so just because some of this might sound familiar, it’s no cause for concern. But narcissists tend to have a high opinion of themselves, with a skewed sense of empathy, an unfounded sense of entitlement and a constant need for attention and admiration.

We can all be guilty of having moments of self-absorption, but is it possible you could be a narcissist? Check out this video by TED-Ed that gives an animated overview of this psychological quirk and how you can truly spot a narcissist.


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