Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Dads Are Not Supposed to Break Your Heart, but It Happens

Dear Dad,

You were supposed to be the one guy who never let me down. Who was supposed to be there when I got my heart broken, you were supposed to help my mom raise me.

But all I got from you was a half-assed relationship and my red hair. You were the first guy to ever break my heart, dad. 

Yet, I grew up just fine thanks to my mom & the "village" who helped her.

That doesn't take away the pain, though. It doesn't make everything okay. I still feel like a part of me is missing, because let's be honest it is. 

You should have filled that gap you should have been a dad. 

I should have never had to experience a heartbreak at such a young age. A heartbreak that I'll never truly get over. 

As the years go by, and the older I get I know it's you who truly missed out. You are the one who doesn't get to be a part of my life even though I tried for years, and I still try. 

But for you, everything else has always come first. Relationship after relationship, job after job, and God knows what else. All I know is it was never me or my sisters.

I shouldn't have had to fight for a relationship with my father, no child should. It's something that you should have been around for. 

You should have tried dad, but you didn't. Which resulted in your daughter not fully knowing her dad. 

I may know you, but I don't actually know who you are. We've never bonded. All we share is some DNA, family, and some physical appearances. 

So, to the guy who broke my heart first. I sincerely hope you do better in your next life. I hope you don't break hearts, especially your own daughters.

I hope you become the dad every little girl should have. While I've grown up just fine without you, 
I still wish you the best in life. 

I hope one day, you realize I'm not over reacting, I am not exaggerating, all I ever wanted was a dad who wanted to be there.

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